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  • A is for apple
    “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” said Isaac. Little did he know that proverbial fruit was actually a fig. While he toiled relentlessly in understanding the gravity of this matter, he couldn’t help but relish any sweetness would produce. The real fruit of his labor had been proven… Read more »
  • P is for photographer
    I am the keeper of moments. When I see something happen, I record it for posterity. Birthday parties, weddings, gatherings among friends. Whenever something happens near me, it becomes part of the record, a snapshot of time. I am a photographer, and people entrust me with their cherished memories. By… Read more »
  • Y is for yoga
    Whenever I go to yoga, I always leave with a feeling of centeredness. The stretching works out the kinks in my muscles and leaves me feeling loose and limber. I’ve managed to master the downward-facing dog and half moon poses, but I still find myself tipping over in the crane… Read more »
  • R is for recipes
    Graham loves to try out new recipes. The more exotic, the better. His only concern is that he never follows the recipe as written after the first time. He always embellishes things just a bit. The dishes turn out delicious, but they are far from being like the original recipe.… Read more »
  • N is for nutrition
    Nutrition is one of the most important parts of Earl’s life. If he eats better, he will live longer. It’s as simple as that. To have a better life, he’s cut his sugar intake by eighty percent. He uses almond and coconut milk for his daily oatmeal with fresh blueberries.… Read more »
  • T is for trips
    When Carl goes on vacation, every second of travel is part of those trips. Each restaurant, hotel and landscape is important for family time. Carl gets a thrill driving through Virginia at 6 am on his way to Florida. Florida is worth the trip to get there from anywhere. By… Read more »
  • B is for birthday
    The paper tablecloth got soaked with fruit punch as the most mischievous child spilled a cup that was filled to the brim. It’s not everyday that you have a 13th birthday. This party may have proven to be the most epic of all time. What would be the best birthday… Read more »